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“to live is Christ and to die is gain.” – Philippians 1:21


Sunday morning worship service starts at 10:00 AM in the main sanctuary. Pastor Branden’s expository method of teaching enriches the understanding of God’s Word.
On Sunday evening at 6:00 PM, Pastor Branden hosts an intimate study of God’s Word. Join us for an enriching time of discussion and fellowship!
On Wednesday evenings, the mid-week adult Bible study takes place with Pastor Branden in the sanctuary at 6:00 PM.


 Our leadership and ministry teams are a vital part of the Cove Run Church’s mission to be salt and light to a lost and dying world without Jesus.
Senior Pastor:
Branden T. Robertson
Youth Director:
Lexi Robertson
Church Secretary:
Betty Nicklow
Christian Kids Club Director:
Karen Livingston
Deanna Jellick




To love God more than self; to love people more than possessions; to disciple people in the Word of God; and to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ into our community.


To become a healthy biblical community of Christ-like disciples, and a source of healing through Jesus Christ.


To EXTEND hospitality to all who come through our doors; EMPLOY ministries that comfort the felt needs in our community; ENCOURAGE one another to grow in the faith by becoming biblically literate and mission-minded; and ENERGIZE one another through expectant prayer.


Prayer, biblical instruction, musical worship, Christian fellowship, and world mission-mindedness are the core values that define Cove Run Church.


“For the Lord sees not as man sees:
man looks on the outward appearance,
but the Lord
looks on the heart.”
1 Samuel 16:7

Cove Run Church is home to God’s Choice Ministries, serving those with special needs in the community who are marginalized, pushed aside, or simply ignored. Special needs persons of all ages and denominations are welcome from anywhere in the community. All caretakers are welcome and required to join their clients. We’re growing each week, so join us every Thursday evening starting at 5:30 PM for food, fellowship, musical worship, and a Bible lesson! No cost! Come join us for an amazing time of serving those “special in the eyes of God!”
*All Cove Run volunteers and staff members have the required Pennsylvania state clearances.
Check out the great times we have each Thursday!



GOD’S CHOICE was recently featured on Armstrong Cable TV!


The Pastor’s Pen

Stewardship Principles – “Nine Concerns About Withholding Financial Giving”

Once again, I apologize for not posting here for a while. Ministry is such a whirlwind experience, and time flies by like never before. As I sit here studying for and preparing sermons for my annual Stewardship series – this year (2018) titled “Faithfulness in Giving” – I am so overwhelmed and motivated by what I’m studying that I felt compelled to post an excerpt of an article I found on the Thom S. Ranier website (www.thomranier.com). I don’t know Mr. Rainer or his ministry, but this arti …


The Root of Faith series starting New Year’s Eve 2017

I’ve been thinking a lot about the root of my faith in Jesus Christ as a self-professing Christ-follower. I’ve said it before: faith in faith is cultish. In other words, faith in faith itself produces a type of religiosity that hangs on prosperity non-gospel beliefs and other outlandish molestations of Christianity. No, the root of my faith is not faith itself, the root of my faith is God, His promises, and ultimately His Word. His Word contains His promises, His special revelation …


Should We Have A Baby?

Well, should we? Maybe this is a strange question for a pastor to ask in a blog? Of course, this is the title of the new series starting this coming Sunday, November 5, 2017. It’s an important question, and here’s why…
Many pastors have used the illustration of a baby to make good points about spiritual growth and maturity. I couldn’t find the exact illustration I had told to me a few weeks a …


Divine Contrasts: Grace vs. Works

While I was away on vacation, I couldn’t help but feeling that I needed more of a rest than what I was being granted. Going to the beach in September is not the best of choices, but we didn’t have a choice since we were traveling with others. I got sick the first day there and ended up in the urgent care center only to discover I had a common cold. Problem with me is what starts out as a common cold ends up as walking pneumonia! I was concerned, so I rested by sitting in the hotel room feel …


Core Values…Why?

It’s been a while since I blogged on the site. Call it whatever you like, but there have been several times I’ve wanted to compose one and just didn’t have the strength to do it (or the inspiration, desire, time, etc.). So here it goes, months later, and the topic is what I’ve been preaching on the past four of five Sundays. Four of five? My wife and I were in Chicago for the Vertical Conference at Harvest Bible Chapel in Elgin, Ill. (Pastor James MacDonald’s church) for an amazing time of …


God’s Preferred Future

God’s preferred future”…what does that even mean? According to An …


The Perfect Atonement

A. W. Tozer once wrote, “The atonement in Jesus Christ’s blood is perfect; there isn’t anything that can be added to …


Judge Not…Really?

Judgment…judgmental…”don’t judge me”…all of these words and catch phrases are plenty popular in Amer …


Eternity: Not a Game of Chance

As I was reading my daily devotion for today (July 30, 2016) in the “Light from the …


God, Give Us Justice!

The book of Ecclesiastes isn’t an optimistic book, but it is in our canon of Holy Scripture. Regardless of what we may emotionally feel about a given topic – death, abortion, homosexuality, adultery, etc. – we must examine it carefully and see what God wants us to know and apply in our lives. This coming Sunday, July 17, 2016, I will be preaching on the topic of justice, more specifically the idea of INjustice present in …



Stream or download Sunday service audio files while you’re on vacation, or for further study. Or, once video capabilities are active at Cove Run, you can stream YouTube archives right from the webpage without having to search YouTube! This will give you more ways to get in touch with God’s Word and Cove Run Church! Audio and video quality may vary depending on bandwidth.


 Cove Run Church has several ministries that servant-minded believers can engage in and use their unique gifts given by the Holy Spirit! The leadership team is always strategically developing new ministries as the Spirit prompts and leads. Please call the church directly if you need more information on the ministries at Cove Run Church.




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